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  • Tina Sieber

Trust Yourselves - From the Plant Kingdom

Imagine the universe is an egg –

How cosy would that be ?

An egg with a shell - nothing around,

And gently holding the egg - a hand.

Inside the egg the whole wide world,

with rainbows and with stars,

With people, and beetles

and willows and grass,

With oceans and mammals

And far reaching plains,

Bananas and whiskey, and cars.

Who lives in this egg –

Is it yours ? Is it mine ?

Do we dance to the sounds of the winds ?

And do we hold hands and run, and shout:

“Who’s in charge of this place ?

And what is it all about ?”

We all are this egg, nobody falls out,

We live and die and live again,

And trust that all things will be well,

Although we don’t know why.

It is our wish, that you will see,

That we are on your side,

That human beings are gently held

In a safe and special plane –

‘Cause you don’t know how strong you are,

how beautiful and wise,

You only know that you don’t know –

And want to know the reason why.

We know you know and want to help

you find your inner key somehow -

We want to help, we’re always here –

For input, jokes, enlightenment –

Just listen in, and listen up –

we’re singing on the breeze –

we know that you can hear us

Yes, let’s dance together, please !

We wish to say – trust in yourselves –

Trust that the first word speaks the truth,

Jump and dare to be laughed at and know

True wisdom can’t be cracked or hurt.

And when you hear your voice inside –

trust it, Darlings, trust yourselves.

That is the key, the only path,

and now you’re truly free.

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