• tinasieber

Grey Whales

We, the grey whales, wish to build up a community of whales and people who do regular communication with us and other whales. We would like to include you all in our whaleness – you are a whale too ! – we are ready to talk on a regular basis. We have a lot to offer humans, and together we can make a difference for the planet and therefore also for humans. You are not so different from us. When we talk we can make plans. The first step is to agree to a continued communication with us. Then you can look up the places in the world where there are whales. Then talk with each group in turn. Some things will be the same, some are different. We teach different aspects, but you can learn a lot from us. Regard it as a school, a whale school for people. We wish to emphasize that each person can talk with us, and we welcome and encourage this. Help others to talk with us, show them how easy it is, that’s it.

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