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  • Tina Sieber


Hi – is it true that ants don’t like you ?

Yes, very true, it hurts their sense organs for smell.

I experience Cinnamon's personality as open, shows herself, feels feminine, smiling, friendly. Purpose for humans: I am one of the helpers in need. You may also use me for weight problems, but more when you have a cold, or also for diabetes, but you know that.

What else ? I am a watch tower, and a gnome, I work behind the scenes. It is good to have a stick of cinnamon in your room – is anti-allergic, and anti-germs. I am the big stick that you hear people talk about. It is my essence to look after people.

Do you have a message for humans ?

Stay strong in the coming days, we are there with you – just breathe, breathe, breathe, and let go all the worry with the breath. Three times should be enough. Did you feel your shoulders relax ? yes. Good. Then you can breathe normally again, and you have enough oxygen to go on, and enough life force to meet life head on. That’s it. Thank you !! You are very welcome.

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