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  • Tina Sieber

Communication with Camelia Sinensis, Tea plant

Hi – I wish to say how much we enjoy watching you in your garden or balcony, and enjoy us and our brothers and sisters. We are happy that somebody treats us with this kind of energy of gentleness. We would like to extend a greeting to everybody who is lonely, alone, miserable, despondent and depressed – please visit us in your gardens and parks and meadows. It is a wonderful sight to see your brothers and sisters open themselves when they are in nature, open their eyes, start to open their hearts and allow themselves to feel and receive our medicine. We realize that sometimes it is even too hard to look at something beautiful, because it reminds you of the beauty that is lost now, the joy that is missing. BUT if you give us a chance – maybe even close your eyes if you don’t want to see us – but just sit with us and we will show you YOUR beauty that is always there. We awaken in you the life forces that you need so much, especially today. We are here (still !) and we have the medicine you need – you don’t need to cut us or dry us or put us in potions, just take us as we are, or breathe in our essence from pictures, photos, and let us help you with all we can. You don’t realize how much we are working on you daily. If you connect with us consciously, you can potentize this medicine by the power of 17. When I asked, if this is a random number, it said: of course, in reality it is much, much higher. Believe me.

Do you have a purpose with human beings ?

Yes, we do, we are reminders of the beauty of the cosmos, a reminder of their beauty, and of the synchronicity of the cosmos.

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