• Tina Sieber

Storm - Hurricane Laura

My children on Earth,

I love you, really,

But I tend to show my love

In a wild and stormy manner.

I love you nonetheless.

Because you are

My brothers – my sisters,

Because you feel helpless in the face

Of a raging storm.

I am not the storm,

I am the power behind it,

The raging, loving,

Pounding, caressing,

The ever-changing

Power of love

Manifesting in many different ways.

Are you afraid of me ?

Are you afraid of yourselves ?

Do you mistrust me ?

Do you trust yourselves ?

I am a reflection of

Your greatest fears

About yourself:

That you may rage at misfortune

That you may blow away all that

You have achieved in one

Single unhappy day,

That you are the cause of your


And most of all - that

You are strong and powerful,

And can destroy as well as create

The most exquisite and beautiful

Creations on Earth.

Hear me – children of Earth –

You are no less powerful than

The mighty stars –

You are no less wonderful than

The flowers on the fields,

You are a miracle –

And as much as I may rage

As a storm, as a hurricane even,

I can never eradicate one single soul

From this universe.

Don’t you know that you are eternal ?

That your creator has made you to

Be everlasting – just like creation itself ?

Even the mightiest storm and the

Most violent hurricane cannot touch you

When you stand in your power.

Remember that – and when you are ready –

Be the storm, be the hurricane, be the mightiest

You can possibly be – and feel the love, the passion

And the powerful kindness you have in your heart.

Nothing is stronger than that – nothing can ever be

As strong as a kind heart open with love.

Thank you, I have spoken.

Laura, the Storm and Hurricane.

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